The Liberator

SATURDAY: within the Octave of Easter

Acts 4:13-21/Ps.117:1,14-21/Mk.16:9-15

The Liberator

Truth is relevant today only if, it permits us to practice what we believe and enjoy the things from which we derive pleasure without restraint. Such are the laws of nihilism and relativity. They encourage unbridled laxity and the rejection of God. When such happens, we inadvertently take ourselves to the pigsty like the prodigal son.

People no longer want to think for themselves. Such rights and privileges are handed over to a small group of men and women or an electronic gadget to do the thinking and discernment for them. Independent thinkers are radicals and an annoyance to society, so society thinks. People make fools of them and want to rid society of them. I have been there.

Besides, we have become and incredulous generation. Our faith rests only in the intangibles of life. We want proof before we can believe God is real. Meanwhile, everything intimidates us. External forces dominate us. We feel helpless within ourselves. Yet, we resist all efforts to accept the truth and the discipline of God.

The truth about humankind is that God created us for full transcendence and the resurrection of Christ is a powerful demonstration of this reality. Made in the image and likeness of God, we are sons and daughter of God. God made us that we might live forever (Eph.2:10). Yes! We will die. But, we shall rise again. The resurrection lies at the core of Christ's teaching from the beginning of his public ministry (Jn.3:16-17). Yet, it eluded the disciples when it happened and baffled the Jews authorities as well. If we cannot free ourselves from COVID 19, which is ravaging the world, then how will we extricate ourselves from this pandemic of disbelief?

Lord, increase our faith and help us prepare ourselves for our resurrection.

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