Moved by the Spirit

MONDAY: Second Week of Easter

Acts 4:23:-31/Ps.2:1-9/Jn.3:1-8

Moved by the Spirit

Confined to the will of oppressors people sometimes forget their mother's dialect; they forsake their God-given talents; in the end, the oppressors treat them like rags and make fools of them. Such was the ploy used by colonizers to domesticate the inhabitants of their conquered lands. In the wake of post-colonialism, they left behind victims of cultural dislocation in search of their identity.

Politics, economic dominance, and an air of religious superiority have the same damaging effects on the mental and spiritual capacity on people. That is if victims let oppressors have their way. Christ and Christianity are all about freedom, liberation, redemption and holistic human development (Jn.10:10; Lk.1:52; 4:18). Christ, Christianity, in collaboration with the Holy Spirit liberates people from fear, empower them, teach them the language of love, and enhance their capacity to think with clarity (2Tim.1:7; Rom.8:15; 1Cor.2:12-14).

Christians are wonder-workers with Christ. The grace of the sacraments gradually transforms them into patterns of Christ Jesus to renew the face of the earth. Peter and John in Acts 4:23-31 depict what it means to be born again in water and the Spirit. The grace of Baptism empowered them to rise above all fears to proclaim the kingdom of God. During this Easter season let us open wide the doors of our hearts. Let us make room for the Holy Spirit to work in and through us. God is waiting for us to speak the language of his kingdom. For our part, we must exhibit the boldness of his Son to bring the message of redemption to the whole world. Are you ready?

O God, fill us with your grace and power. Grant us your Holy Spirit; transform us into patterns of your Son, Jesus Christ.

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