Children of Encouragement

TUESDAY: Second Week of Easter

Acts 4:32-37/Ps.92:1-2,5/Jn.3:7-15

Children of Encouragement

Globally, we are living in difficult times. The rapid spread of the Coronavirus, the social distancing, the economic meltdown, and the loss of jobs can act as a fertilizer for the growth of individualism. However, the present human condition in the world is ideal for Christians to exhibit the virtues, values and gallantry of Christ-like stewardship.

Christian stewardship foundation rises out of the tripod of acknowledging we are children of God, love of God and love for neighbour in like manner of Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus never neglected the sinners, the sick, the poor and sufferers. He made himself the coinage, the economy, and the salvation of their world (1Pet.1:18-19; Jn.10:10). Christian stewardship is a form of libation; the wine offering, is our blood and our life sacrificed in love for the redemption of our neighbour.

Christian stewardship in this context is a display of Christ-like empathy. Like Christ Jesus and Barnabas, Christians readily accept the responsibility, as children of encouragement - they go beyond the call of duty to strengthen their neighbour. Recently, I saw doctors and nurses shedding tears over each other's shoulders. They felt powerless in the face of the human carnage caused by the COVID19. Their souls were in anguish. Their last efforts seemed hopeless. Nevertheless, their love for their patients would not permit them to surrender even when their own lives were in imminent danger. The Lord designed the Sacraments of Initiation to transfigure us into people who can love God with their whole being and love our neighbour as ourselves.

O God, thank you for your transforming love. Reawaken in us the fire of your love and make us a living sacrifice for your namesake.

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