Christ Lives

WEDNESDAY: Second Week of Easter

Acts 5:17-26/Ps.33:2-9/Jn.3:16-21

Christ Lives

In an increasingly secular, humanistic, hedonistic and materialistic world like ours today, Christians are becoming prisoners of conscience. Although many are no behind bars yet, modern-day society no longer tolerates Christians values that contradict the type of amoral culture which defines our world at present. This paradigm shift offers unbridled liberty to those who wish to practice religion like the scribes and Pharisees. Its laxity does not bind anyone to any form of accountability. Therefore, people are free to live under the law regardless of their behaviour if it is licit or not. They are thoughtless about their participation in the resurrection of Christ.

Today's Liturgy of the Word prefigured our modern culture. It challenges it to recognise the need for redemption and salvation. Under our present structure, whatever or whoever contradicts our notion of rights, privileges and concept of religion is questionable and liable to stand trial, imprisonment or death. This culture contradicts the purpose of humankind's existence as a creature of God; it debars them from full participation in Christ’s resurrection. Baptism in Christ offers us a second chance.

However, conscience is provocative. It does not sleep. Truth is suppressible; it never dies. Truth and conscience together challenge people to abandon untruths, embrace the truth even if you have to die in imitation of Christ Jesus because you will rise again. The resurrection of Christ thus reminds us, our irresponsible behaviour and our intent on silencing the voice of God is impossible. Friends, as Disciples of Christ, we must insist that our baptism in Christ empowers us to live, die and rise again with Christ.

Lord, I believe that we will rise again in glory with you.

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