Beware of Modern Heresies

THURSDAY: Second Week of Easter

Acts 5:27-33/Ps.33:2,9,17-20/Jn.3:31-36

Beware of Modern Heresies

Ignorant people incapacitate themselves; their stubborn refusal to rise from their lack of perception compounds their irrational behaviour and hasten their mortality. Those who believe they are God's final revelation to the world is impervious to change - worse if they have a position of leadership and power. Neither education nor power exempt people from ignorance. The grace and wisdom of God will enlighten them. They will recognise Christ Jesus as the one in whom God invested all power and authority in heaven and on earth (Matt.28:19). Let go and let God be our wisdom and our guide.

God gave Christ the Spirit without reserve (Jn.3:34). Christ Jesus in turn, invested that same power in his Disciples before his Ascension when he commissioned them to baptize, teach and make disciples of all nations. Again, when he breathed the Holy Spirit on the disciple and authorized them to forgive sins (Jn.20:21-23). No one guided by God's grace and wisdom will obstruct the works of God or put his or her soul at risk.

Like their teacher and Master, the servants of Christ must endure many trials for the sake of preaching and teaching the truth about Christ's resurrection. However, despite the humiliating death of Christ, God raised him from the dead and gave him a name above all other names (Eph.2:11). Through his suffering and death, Christ instituted the sacraments. Through these signs and symbols, divine blessings and the hope of the resurrection lives in us in every generation. God made Christ the first born from the dead. All who live, move and have their being in Christ Jesus will rise in him at the end of time. Do not be fooled by the heresies of our age.

Lord, I believe you have risen from the dead. I will proclaim your resurrection as long as I shall live.

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