The Keeper of God’s People

SATURDAY: Second Week of Easter

Acts 6:1-7/Ps.32;1-2,4-5,18-19/Jn.6:16-21

The Keeper of God’s People

Mercy is a practical act between possessing a deep Christian spirituality and the ability to sustain the spirit of Caritas and Filial love. It is impossible to love God whom we cannot see, and yet ignore those we can see. From the beginning, the Father assured us, man does not live by bread alone but by every word, he utters (Duet.8:3). Jesus, in his temptations, reminded us of the same (Matt.4:4). Throughout his public ministry, Jesus multiplied bread and fish to feed the hungry crowd. In the Lord's Prayer, among all the other acts of mercy required of us, Jesus invites us to pray for our daily bread.

Mercy is an act of solidarity. It embodies the pain of sufferers and seeks every opportunity to address both the spiritual and physical needs of sufferers. Compassion is a sympathetic responsibility for others in need of divine favours. God made us his image and likeness; he endowed us with the Holy Spirit at Baptism and made us servants of mercy.

The Church in the world has an inescapable responsibility to proclaim the Word of God. However, she must also show her concern for the poverty and suffering, which confront her members on earth, daily. That is what the Eucharist signifies. The bread and the word consecrated to give life and bring unity among the children of God as one body of Christ. Indeed, it is the source and summit of all our Christian activities. The Lord never leaves his followers in a state of fear and hunger. He fulfills the plan he has in mind for then (Jer.29:11) when our sense of Christian stewardship challenges us to behave as the first Christians did in Acts 2:42-47.

Lord, keep me mindful that I am my brothers' keeper.

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