The Emmaus Experience


Acts 2:14:22-33/Ps.15:1-2,5,7-11/1Pet.1:17-21/Lk.24.13-35

The Emmaus Experience

Despondency creeps into our lives when we keep searching for God, confidence, and our future, besides ourselves outside the context and relationship God established with us. The inability to internalize God, both in word and Spirit is the beginning of our downfall.

Whenever God establishes a relationship with us, he discloses us to our true selves and empowers us to love and trust him even more. In doubtful moments, God reveals his ongoing presence in us and among us. He assures us that we are never alone. He accompanies us on all our endeavours. Remember his words: I will never leave you. I will never forsake you. I will journey with you (Deut.31:6-8; Heb.13:5-6). Christ Jesus promised he would not leave his disciples as orphans. He would come and visit with them (Jn.14:18-19).

The Emmaus narrative and the post-resurrection appearances of Christ Jesus are testimonies of God's fidelity to our salvation and eternal companionship with God and with Christ Jesus. For our part, as a people of faith, the physical absence of Christ must no longer cause us to despair. Why? Because, we have the breadth of God himself, along with the Holy Spirit, and Holy Eucharist with us and in us at all times. Besides, we live in the hope that at the appointed time, Christ will come again. Yes! Christ lives! He reigns in us and among us.

Lord, I believe; I trust in your divine promise.

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