Advocates of Truth

MONDAY: Third Week of Easter

Acts 6:8-15/Ps.118:23-24,26-27,29-30/Jn.6:22-27

Advocates of Truth

Political correctness and expediency coupled, with a humanistic world view and individualism have placed a moratorium on truth. This marriage of convenience thrives on propaganda and bigotry. It operates in the womb of Mother Earth like abortifacients. Its objectives are the following: miscarriage of truth and justice; limit human growth, and to control human destiny on earth to its advantage. Today, human life has been reduced to mere specimens - especially in the less material developed world. Materialism and individualism have brought out the vilest beast from within us.

History will keep repeating itself only because we allow our base human values to dominate the image and likeness of God in us. From that point onward, the soul becomes dysfunctional; the individual loses every sense of the Beatitudes, wisdom and discernment fails them. Then the brutish force in them takes control. As it was in the days of Stephen, so shall it be today when truth and justice become intolerable.

Christianity challenges us to adopt Stephen's posture. Hold on to the reigns of truth. Be honest stewards of the kingdom of God. What will enable us to preserve our integrity unto the very end like Stephen? Christ demonstrates for us in today's gospel. It is not the material aspects of life that will satisfy our short-term needs; it is not political correctness or expediency, but rather doing the will of God the Father. In other words, protect our souls and the grace of God in our lives and let nothing delude us from being a true reflection of God in the world. Thus, with your finesse and for your glory, O Lord, we can all become symbols of paschal hope and joy for others - no matter how stringent the crisis we face.

O Lord, I will follow you only for your grace and your glory.

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