We Are the Economy of Salvation on Earth

TUESDAY: Third Week of Easter

Acts 7:51:8:1/Ps.30:3-4.6-8,17,21/Jn.6:30-35

We Are the Economy of Salvation on Earth

Each Christian, every disciple of Christ, is like a seed from the pod of Christ, destined to reproduce the same fruits as Christ in every generation. Every good seed that is sown and cultivated is a potential breadbasket, the growth of the economy and the preservation of human life. Jesus, metaphorically speaking, defined Christians and discipleship as a grain of wheat. Those who follow him must freely embrace martyrdom in imitation of Christ as coinages in the economy of salvation (Jn.12:23-25). Tertullian deduced from Christ's saying, "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.”

Jesus defined himself as the bread of life. A grain of wheat sown by the Father. The two came from the same pod (Jn.10:30). His blood is the original seed of the Church (1Pet.1:18-19). Christians are those who look like Christ. Discipleship requires us to imitate Christ - to become another Christ. Stephen's martyrdom beautifully fits those criteria. He lived and died like Christ. Stephen's blood was the wheat grain, which sparked off the conversion of St. Paul and maybe, the birth of Church among the gentiles.

What does that have to do with you and me? I think, Christ in his passion and death and Stephen's martyrdom portray for us the invaluable gifts we are to the kingdom of heaven and the redemption of the world. We are Christians, by our commitment to become living Beatitudes like Christ Jesus and Stephen, we can expand the economy of salvation.

Lord, into your hands, I commend my body, heart, soul and spirit. Do with me what you will.

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