Standing in Solidarity with God

THURSDAY: Third Week of Easter

Acts 8:26-40/Ps.68:8-9,16-17,20/Jn.6:44-51

Standing in Solidarity with God

Faith is an act of spiritual, rational and bodily solidarity with God. At that point, a person comes to know God intimately, falls in love with God and understands the loyalty God has for the salvation of humankind. Unless we feel a sense of empathy towards the sufferings of God for our salvation, God will only be a figment of our imagination.

Faith draws us into a personal and intimate relationship with God. It challenges us to become a corporate member of his being. It entices us to share in his divinity. Baptism and the Eucharist open the door of opportunities towards this end for all who receive them in good faith. God purposefully send Christ Jesus into the world to demonstrate for all of us the journey of faith and the path towards being one with the Father and the Son.

The eunuch's response, to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and Philip, indicates, only God sets the fire of love for him and faith for him in the human heart (Jer.31:31-34). The individual's response is one of empathy and solidarity. Faith and love for God are transformative; they transubstantiate the human person through the graces received in the sacraments of baptism and the Holy Eucharist and sustained by the Holy Spirit.

A person of faith is one, who actively participates in the life of Christ and exhibits the divine qualities of God our Father. We come back to the foundational theological response. God made us to know him, love and to server him in this world and to live with him forever in the next.

O God, we trust your merciful love. Lord, you entice us to yourself and offer us salvation through your Son, Jesus Christ. Bring us closer to you each day, we pray, until we are one with you forever.

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