The Good Shepherd


Acts 2:14, 36-41/Ps.22:1-6/1Pet.2:20-25/Jn.10:1-10

The Good Shepherd

Apostleship, Christian discipleship and stewardship are vocations in the Mystical Body of Christ. Each person is chosen by God to portray the presence and love of Christ in the world. It is not a position of power and ostentatiousness. No! It is a call to suffering servanthood with Christ Jesus. The notion of the good shepherd portrays the nature and substance of what it takes to be a good Christian, apostle and disciple - selfless, persistent and enduring in every effort to rescue, protect and save the flock of Christ.

Christ defined his discipleship and stewardship as a one who came to attend to the sheep and not one who wants others to serve him. Christ always recognised he was accountable to the Father for the salvation of every human soul on earth. At the end of his earthly ministry, Christ Jesus was proud to report during his stewardship, he carefully watched over those entrusted to his care and "not one is lost except the one who chose to be lost (Jn.17:12)." Christ expects no less from us whom he appointed as his apostles and disciples.

Peter, in Acts 2:14,36-41 depicts the qualities of the good shepherd. Like Christ, he was adamant at gathering the lost sheep of the House of Israel. Their sins and crime against Christ did not matter. Their salvation was of greater importance. With persistent endurance, Peter taught the Jews, exposed their falsehood, corrected them, called them to conversion and holiness and in the end opened the door to salvation for three thousand sheep in a single day.

Again, in 1 Peter 2:20-25, Peter reminds us that the task and mission of apostles and Disciples of Christ are synonymous with redemptive suffering. Christ did not suffer for himself. He endured his Passion and death for those he was leading into salvation. As shepherds of the Church of Christ in the world today, the Lord expects the same of us -more so during this global crisis.

Lord, strengthen me, and I will do your will.

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