Knowing Christ

TUESDAY: Fourth Week of Easter

Acts 11:19-26/Ps.86:1-7/Jn.10:22-30

Knowing Christ

Every time I meditate on the Word of God, my reverence for Christ grows more robust. Christ is admittedly, a mystery of faith. His humanity never overshadowed his divinity; his divinity never downplayed his human nature. His humility and obedience spoke with clarity of his union with the Father and commitment to his will.

Death never deterred Christ from carrying out the will of his Father. In the face of opposition, Christ adamantly spoke the truth and allowed his works to reveal his identity. He never crushed a bruised reed or a smoldering flame. Christ never behaved like a celebrity. Instead, he took upon himself the persona of a suffering servant with the deliberate intention to reconcile the world to the Father.

What is our role, therefore, in the post-resurrection narratives? Unlike the Jews, the identity of Christ is no longer an issue. Why? We are already his sheep; he is our shepherd. Given the high level of indifference, which exists among us in the world today, the question we must all answer affirmatively is, do we still recognise Christ's voice among us? If we do, why is there so much chaos in the world today?

Lord, inspire your Church and bend the hearts of your flock to do your will.

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