Believe in Him, He Will Save Us

SATURDAY: Fourth Week of Easter

Acts 13:44-52/Ps.97:1-4/Jn.14:7-14

Believe in Him, He Will Save Us

Faith is a personal and sincere admission and submission to the substance of the things we hope for and the existence of the realities presently invisible to us (Heb.11:1:0). Faith does not rely on physical and tangible evidence. Its essence is a mix of hope and trust in the omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience of God. Who with kind intention, reveals himself out of love to a sinful world for its salvation.

God holds together the substance of everything that constitutes our being and existence by his breath. God knows, our fragility; he is familiar with our fears; his breath keeps us alive, and our eternal hope and resurrection lie in his hands (Ps.104:29). In other words, humankind is in dire need of faith to please God and to share in the resurrection of Christ Jesus.

Like Adam and Eve, the enticement of the apple, their false promises keep distracting this generation on the path of faith. The Information Superhighway and the notion of Artificial Intelligence sound impressive and appealing. Information, solutions are at people's disposal, readily and effortlessly. People no longer have to think for themselves, a machine; a chip will dispense men and women of their faculties and increasingly make it difficult for this and subsequent generations to rely on faith.

As Christians, these are warning signs; there is a need for genuine concerns. However, we do not cower. Christ Jesus is our model of faith. If we imitate his humility and obedience, temptations will come our way but will have the inner strength, with the help of his Word and the Spirit to struggle against then and win with Christ Jesus. Yes! Because we believe in Christ, we shall be conquerors like him and in him.

Lord, I believe. Help me in my daily struggles of faith.

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