Obedience and Lover Are Inseparable

MONDAY: Fifth Week of Easter

Acts 14:5-18/Ps.113B:1-4.15-16/Jn.14:21-26

Obedience and Love Are Inseparable

COVID 19 is an unwritten adjective. It defines us in our nakedness and unveils our underlying health issues; it reveals our thoughts, exposes our faults, and lays bare our biases and our inability to adapt without a spirit of divine love at work in us. In our unredeemed selves, individualism speaks with a definitive rejection of everything, which conflicts with our self-interest and ambition. The Lord's commandments are not exceptions to their rule.

Self-love is heedless idolatry. It impedes our ability to know, love and serve God, as we should. Instead, it enhances our ability to mistrust and to hate others. The commandments under such conditions are like an offensive idiom. Regardless of how strong and fatal COVID 19 is some people refuse to follow the necessary etiquette only to satisfy their ego while putting family members and the community at large, at risk. Openly they flaunt the two greatest commandments and the fifth.

Today's Liturgy of the Word challenges us to let the love of God that is at work in us transcend every condition devaluing our brothers and sister and guide them towards the path of redemption and salvation. In other words, unless we keep the commandments, we will be incapable of loving God and our neighbour. We cannot save others and ourselves unless we are humble and obedient to the will of God. We can put an end to the spread of this virus only if we let the discipline of the commandments guide us in maintaining the necessary protocols that will stop the transmission of the virus. Obedience saves lives. Infringements and carelessness lead us to death.

Lord, I love you. Grant me the grace to obey commandments.

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