God Strengthens His People

TUESDAY: Fifth Week of Easter

Acts 14:19-24/Ps.144:10-13,21/Jn.14:27-31

God Strengthens His People

Today we pray and remind ourselves that God restored us to eternal life in the resurrection of Christ. Now we must rely on God for constancy in faith and hope every day, in difficult times, especially when doubt assails us. Being holy and doing good does not exempt us from trials, harassment and persecution. Once we live, move and have our being in Christ, we will experience in our mortal bodies the ordeals and death of Christ, daily.

Love blindfolds us in the pursuit of our beloved. Faith, hope and love of God in a similar fashion enhance our integrity. Divine love and apostolic zeal at work in us never permit us to surrender to a lesser truth even if we must suffer for being constant in faith and love of God. We keep telling others and ourselves without deception, just what Paul said, "‘we all have to experience many hardships before we enter the kingdom of God (Acts.14:22).'"

Whenever the going gets tough, I recall the voice who told me during my retreat in preparation my priestly ordination: " My son if you aspire to the server the Lord, prepare yourself for an ordeal (Sir.2:1)." God bless the soul of my deceased cousin, Sr. Elizabeth Rivere, SJC, moments before she passed, she appeared to me as if in a dream. Her parting words were, "Lambert, in your priesthood, you will have many trials but don't give up. I will pray for you. Goodbye. I am dead to this world." I have been there, done that. My love for Christ persuades me to remain steadfast to the end. Christ has set the example for us all. We must all repeat like Christ: I love the Father. I am doing his will (Jn.14:31).

This pandemic is a test of faith. How are we managing, thus far? Our faith, hope and love, are they the principal sources of our strength and encouragement? If not, let us turn to the Lord for the constancy we need right now to win this battle.

Lord, come to our aid. Make haste to help us.

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