Created to Be His Branches

WEDNESDAY: Fifth Week of Easter

Acts 15:1-6/Ps.121:1-5/Jn.15:1-8

Created to Be His Branches

We live in a world contaminated by sin and evil. Similarly, COVID 19 is destroying the world and creating a dismal future for all us -especially those who are inattentive, disobedient and those who lack integrity. Whenever we fail to recognise and appreciate ourselves as necessary units of the whole country or society into which we born and live and work, we set ourselves up for self-destruction, we also undermined the integrity of our linage as well as compromise the honour of our country. The same applies to the kingdom of heaven.

Innocence is an indispensable virtue in the pursuit of righteousness if we desire to build a virtuous kingdom with Christ. No one can belong entirely to Christ disfigured by the lack of integrity or controlled by ambivalent naiveté (Matt.5:8; Is.62:1). The analogy of the vine in John 15:1-8 depicts the quality and unity that must exist between Christ Jesus and ourselves. We must make ourselves essentially one with Christ by possessing the gifts of the Spirit (Is.11:1-9). We must sever ourselves from the corruption of sin and evil and graft ourselves into one vine with Christ, intended to bear only the fruits of the Holy Spirit (Gal.5:22).

COVID 19 offers the world a wonderful opportunity for change, continuity and renewal at all levels, be it historical, social, political, economic or religious. Every earthly human institution must ready itself for radical changes at all levels. However, we must first recognise the negative influence of COVID 19 on all the above institutions. Sin has the same disastrous effects on all our human and social structures - far worse, it is distancing us from our God and ourselves. We will be losers in the end, if we do not grasp the opportunity for full conversion and a complete return to God.

O God, you are the vinedresser. Graft me into your Son. I will be a fruitful branch.

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