Christian Solidarity

FRIDAY: Fifth Week of Easter

Acts 15:23-31/Ps.56:8-12/Jn.15:12-17

Christian Solidarity

The new commandment awakens us to a new level of Christian spiritual consciousness and social responsibility. It challenges us to remove ourselves for isolation to become symbols of paschal hope for others. Love at that level requires us to divest ourselves of every trace of individualism and equip ourselves with the spirit of compassion, love, mercy and solidarity for others like Christ Jesus.

The new commandment, in other words, calls us to experience a profound and internal spiritual revolution to become an advocate of the Corporal Works of Mercy (Matt.25:31-46). Those who abide by its principles will no longer sing the melody or utter lyrics of the song, "Me, Myself and I", or even join Slinger Francisco (Mighty Sparrow) in singing, "All Is Mine". Consciously, they will make themselves, one in union with Christ - a living kenosis like Christ.

By issuing the commandment, Jesus intended us to be partakers of his nature, substance, and consciousness to lay down our lives for others that they may be heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ and with us. COVID 19 offers Christians an excellent opportunity to abandon the old song of individualism that we may sing the canticle of love and solidarity, which the new commandment recommends. Will we grab this opportunity?

Lord, open our eyes to see the sufferings of others, our ears to hear their groans, and our hearts to become servants of the Corporal Works of Mercy.

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