Saviours with Christ

SATURDAY: Fifth Week of Easter

Acts 16:1-10/Ps.99:1-3.5/Jn.15:18-21

Saviours with Christ

Christian faith and discipleship with Christ simultaneously is an act of solidarity with Christ and our willingness to endure his suffering, determined to reconcile the world to God with him at the expense of our lives. Christian perfection is attainable through redemptive suffering (Heb.2:10) and a strong determination for righteousness (Matt.5:1-12).

Beginning with the prophets, John the Baptist through to Christ Jesus and the early Christian persecutions righteous people are symbols of scorn in the world. They are objects of hate and butts in the dark world of corruption. God, Christ, the Church are often a farce for insincere Christians. The world is in chaos. Why? Because the Church is the friend of the world instead of being the witness of the kingdom of God.

Science without borders and scruples dictates the health, longevity and brevity of human life at the behest of those who can fund any research. The enrichment of a few is all that matters. conscionable witnesses mysteriously disappear while religion seems unaffected by the unfolding atrocities disrupting and impoverishing the human condition in the world today.

It appears as if money and wealth replaced the voices of God, Christ and the Church in our world today. How is that possible? No one wants to imitate Christ in suffering for the salvation and redemption of sufferers. Meanwhile, the Church in the world is growing weaker and weaker. No one can doubt that the sufferings of the Apostles were the seed of the early Church and its growth. Remember the words of Christ. No servant is greater than the Lord himself is. When Christ called us, he intended us to be martyrs like him for the sake of righteousness. Are we fulfilling his expectations?

Lord, the road is challenging; it is hard; if we follow you in earnest, we will get the job done.

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