One Body with Christ


Acts 8:5-8,14-17/Ps.65:1-7,16,20/1Pet.3:15-18/Jn.14:15-21

One Body with Christ

Christians, truly and sacramentally are one mystical body with Christ. A fusion of beings takes place during the Sacraments of Initiation. Every step of the way, the Father and the Son, indelibly etch their image, likeness, nature and substance into our souls. We, in turn, voluntarily receive them in love and faith and become one body with Christ and in Christ as beloved sons and daughters of the Father.

The order of beings survives intact as long as our faith, hope, and love endure. The Spirit, which we received in these sacraments, is the binding force that will keep us together as one mystical body with the Father and the Son. In the waters of Baptism, we become adopted sons and daughters of God. In Confirmation, Christ empowers us to share in his messianic, priestly, and prophetic mission in the world (Jn.17:18; 20:21-23; Is.61:1-2; Lk.4:18)). In the Holy Eucharist, we incorporate his whole being into ours.

Three mandatory things, which will keep this union between the Father, the Son and ourselves buoyant, are faith, hope and love. According to St. Paul, the greatest among them is love (1Cor.13:13). Throughout Jesus' farewell discourse, he insisted: "remain my love." If you love me, you will keep my commandments; and my Father and I, we will come to you, and make our home with you (Jn.14:23). In other words, this union will persist as long as we behave humbly and faithfully toward the Father and the Son.

If in error and human weakness, we knowingly fractured this divine union with the Father and the Son, while we are still alive, let us do everything possible to mend that relationship. Let us not deprive ourselves of the Holy Spirit least we become dysfunctional Christians in the world.

O God, send us your Holy Spirit. Set our hearts aflame with the fire of your love. Save us from this reckless age; made us true imitators of your Son, Jesus Christ.

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