Putting on the Divine Nature

MONDAY: Sixth Week o Eater

Acts 16:11-15/Ps.149:1-6.9/Jn.15:26-16:4

Putting on the Divine Nature

God made us for an incorruptible glory. Our first parents in pursuit of vainglory spent it. God restored it in Christ Jesus. The paschal observances depict the divine treasure and inheritance that awaits us in the kingdom of the Father. Through the Paschal mysteries, God in Christ enriches us with the gift of faith. He also empowers us with his divine grace. The Holy Spirit strengthens, animates, and guides in the destruction of our corruptible nature and help us put on the incorruptible glory God has in mind for us.

Therefore, dear brothers and sisters do not take the Sacraments of initiation for granted. It is through the graces bestowed upon us in these sacraments that we put on the incorruptible glory of God. Let us do all within our power and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to remain faithful to the divine truth. Remember! The truth will set us free.

Here I am, Lord, send forth your Spirit and guide me in your truth.

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