Doubt is an Open Prison

TUESDAY: Sixth Week of Easter

Acts 16:22-34/Ps.137:1-3.7-8/Jn.16:5-11

Doubt is an Open Prison

It appears as if as people, we have a natural inbuilt suspicion. Our method and theory of interpreting matters pertinent to salvation depend on our ability to adhere to our old way of life. Innovation, change, conversion and the supernatural intimidate us to the core unless something dramatic takes place and liberate us from our doubts and suspicions.

Faith differs in its approach. It has unconditional trust in every aspect of divine revelation, sacred scripture and tradition. It is open to accepting God's will even when we must extricate ourselves from the things we love and enjoy for the good of our salvation. The war against faith, change, conversion, is a losing battle for those who wage it. God is always the victor. He is the victor with Christ Jesus because God is determined to save the world from sin, error and evil.

The hostility of the authorities towards Christ, the conversion of guards, their acceptance of baptism must remind us that the upheavals against faith and spirituality in its ongoing stages are unsustainable. Already, COVID19 is exposing us to the fragility of our human nature. Humankind always needs the nearness of God. In times of crisis, the search of God and Christ Jesus begins. Today we can identify with the sadness of Christ's disciples. Let us value our faith, our baptism in Christ, and at all times, be friends but never foes of God and Christ Jesus.

Lord, let us out of our prisons of unbelief. By the help of your Holy Spirit guide into the ways of your truth.

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