We Are Destined for Heaven with Christ

THURSDAY: Sixth Week of Easter


We Are Destined for Heaven with Christ

Farewells can sometimes be emotionally painful experiences. Yet they are necessary for natural human growth, change, transitioning, and continuity. People need a strong sense of detachment to enable them to cope with the parting of their loved once. The fear of death, the departure of our loved ones to distant countries, spousal separations are depressing, but sometimes they are solutions to our ongoing predicaments. Our joy and happiness depend on letting go and focusing on God's plan and the way forward. A sense of Christian spirituality is an asset in helping us cope with such cases.

Doing God's will is never easy. However, we must remember, we are pilgrims on the earth. Our true homeland is in heaven (Phi.3:20; Heb.13:14). Christ's farewell discourse is a powerful reminder: faith, hope, and love will see us through every crisis. He will always be standing in solidarity with us.

O God, we thank you for always being present to us, spiritually. We look forward to seeing and being with you again, in person.

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