Living for Heaven with Christ

FRIDAY: Sixth Week of Easter

Acts 18:9-18/Ps.46:2-7/Jn.16:20-23

Living for Heaven with Christ

At his Ascension, Christ gave us a special charge: to protect our blessed immortality in anticipation of his return. How is that possible? We must grow in the grace of our baptism. In the Sacraments of Initiation, we put on the full nature and substance of Christ. We live no longer for ourselves, but Christ. Conscious of our oneness in Christ, we belong where our head is at present, in heaven.

The act of birthing is a profound illustration of the short-lived passion Christians must endure to sustain their immortality. The hard work and suffering will pay off in the end. God did not fail his Son, who remained faithful to the Father and his mission in the world. God will repay us in the end also. Let us brazenly embrace the challenge to protect our immortality. Imitate Christ in his passion, death, and resurrection that we may inherit the kingdom when Christ comes again.

Lord, I believe and trust in your divine promise. I long to live with you in your kingdom.

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