Discipleship and Mission

WEDNESDAY: Seventh Week of Easter

Acts 20:28-38/Ps.67:29-30.33-36/Jn.17:11-19

Discipleship and Mission

Pastoral ministry and concerns together is a mixture of kenotic love, Caritas and filial love. They transcend time and space to make God's name, his love, and presence felt and effective among his people on earth - creating in them a thirst to be one with the Lord. Therefore, it is more than the administration of the sacred goods and services of the Church. Those in pastoral ministry must seek to become another Christ for others. Their interests and love for God's people must exceed their physical presence and touch so that they can leave behind a consecrated people.

Jesus and Paul respectively are notable examples of pastoral ministry and concerns. Their stake was to consecrate and unify their disciples into one body with the Father and the Son so that all might become the mystical body of Christ on earth. Jesus' consecratory prayer over his disciples, and Paul's farewell discourse, describe the nature and the mission of the Church in the world -to transform and to consecrate the world to God. That is why Paul tells us, "Together we are Christ's body (1Cor.12:27)." Peter further defines the Church as consecrated people, a holy nation and royal priesthood set apart for the service of God (1Pet.2:9).

Arise, my friends, God is counting on us to transform the world using his grace bestowed upon us. Do not be afraid of becoming symbols of paschal hope and joy in a world craving for the fullness of redemption and salvation.

O God, deprive me of every selfish bone that will hinder the purpose of the priesthood entrusted to me for the sake of building a new heaven and earth in union with your Son, Jesus Christ.

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