Living the Chrism in a Troubled World

THURSDAY: Seventh Week of Easter

Acts.22:30;23:6-11Ps.15:1-2, 7-11/Jn.17:20-26

Living the Chrism in a Troubled World

I love the Christian faith. I cherish the unity, which God secured for us in Christ Jesus. Through our initiation into Christ, God the Father knitted us into the nature and substance of his being. He made us gods (Ps.82:6; Jn.10:34), a little less than himself and gave us the authority to accomplish his work on earth (Ps.8:5). We are divine persons in the Trinity - not simpletons unless we treat ourselves likewise by negating his grace and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, which bind us together as one mystical body.

Christians, beware of the impositions of secularism, materialism and individualism impose upon us. They make us wastefully spend the divine resources if used wisely can fortify and sustain the unity Christ prayed for on our behalf. In other words, Christ, when he consecrated us to the Father, he made us infinitely heirs of the Father and with himself. Paul, I think stated this notion with clarity: "Alive or dead, we belong to the Lord (Rom.14:17-18). Paul's appeal is the same as Christ: Christians must always live and act as the anointed ones of God in the world. As witnesses of the kingdom, they must speak with clarity the language of the cross and resurrection of Christ. That is to ensure their consecration and that of the world.

As a consecrated people, we must live the chrism we received. We must uphold the righteousness of the Father and the Son. Jesus mandated us to live in the perfection of our heavenly Father (Matt.5:48). However, we are living in very critical social, political, economic, religious and life-threatening human conditions today on a global level. Such circumstances will challenge us to compromise our anointing and consecration to meet our physical demands. Our spirituality must be intact for us to overcome the world and its trails in union with Christ. We can never achieve that kind of victory on our own. Get up! Make haste and let us live our anointing.

Lord, turn our gaze back to you. Help us live our chrism.

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