Christ’s Spotless Bride

FRIDAY: Seventh Week of Easter

Acts 25:13-21/Ps.102:1-2,11-12,19-20

Christ’s Spotless Bride

On the Feast of the Accession of the Lord, Martin Weeks wrote on his Facebook page, "Today Catholics celebrate the day when Jesus starts working from home." Instantaneously, I recalled the following: the parable of the talents (Matt.25:13-40), Peter's willingness to die with Jesus (Matt.26:35) and the allegory of the perfect wife (Prov.31:1-31). All of which I interpreted as preambles to Peters threefold confession, his willingness to die with Christ, and the level of trust the Lord placed in Peter. Despite Peter's impetuousness, Christ entrusted him the keys the kingdom (Matt.16:19) and the pastoral care of his flock with the concluding statement: "Follow me" (Jn.21:15-19).

The last phase of Christ's farewell discourse has many implications for the Church in the world as the perfect spouse of Christ. It is Christ who sanctifies her, washes and cleanses her with his word, makes her his glorious spouse without wrinkle, blemishes but holy and spotless (Eph.5:26-27). As the incarnate word (Jn.1:1-5). Christ achieved in Peter what the inspired word of God intended - to school us and prepare us to embrace our specific role in the mission of the Church on earth(2Tim.3:16-17).

If Christ succeeded in changing Peter and the other disciples into unblemished, perfect, pure, and glorious stewards, he can and will do the same for all of us if we believe and trust him as Peter did. Have courage. God is counting on all of us to assist him while he is working hard from home.

Lord, I place my trust in you. You will never forsake me.

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