Where are we at the End of the Paschal Season?

SATURDAY: Seventh Week of Easter

Acts 28:16-20,30-31/Ps.10:4-5,7/Jn.20:21-25

Where are we at the End of the Paschal Season?

The Lenten season challenged all those who know the Lord to repent - and prepare themselves for the glory of God. The Easter season demonstrates the power and the glory of God at work in Christ and the early Church. Adherence to the truth, building integrity, divine empowerment with the Holy Spirit is the dominant themes of both seasons. During these two seasons, we recognise sin, obstructs the freed movement of the Holy Spirit; it debilitates our efforts to bear witness to the truth; it blindfolds the divine vision we received in Baptism and Confirmation.

Pentecost is the story of the type of synergy that exists between God and those who receive the Holy Spirit. Those who possess the Spirit rehabilitates and transforms the human condition and the world. It uplifts people's moral consciousness, guarantees forgiveness and a place in the kingdom of heaven (Is.61:1-2; Lk.4:18; Jn.20:21-23). Together they offer humankind the opportunity to witness for God with extraordinary boldness and experience the glory of God at work among them if they cooperate fully with the demands of the Spirit.

The lives of Saints Paul and John are bold testimonies of what the Holy Spirit can achieve in all of us if we receive it in good faith from God (Jn.14:23; Rev.3:20). There are billions of Christians in our world today. Still, indicators, mentioned in Romans 5:8-11 and Galatians 5:16-26 shows there is growing interest in the unspiritual way of life. The theology of prosperity compounds the problem. How? The emphasis is on the glory of wealth, not the transforming power of the Holy Spirit and suffering together with Christ for the truth and integrity brought about by the Holy Spirit. On the eve of Pentecost, there is still hope. We can repent. Cry out to God; he will send us the Holy Spirit; he will equip us to renew the face of the earth.

Lord, send us your Holy Spirit.

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