Respecting Life in all its Phases

TUESDAY: Ninth Week in Ordinary Time


Respecting Life in all its Phases

Brandt Jean’s forgiveness and embrace of his brother, Botham Jean's murderer apparently, has effected no change in the hearts of law enforcement in the United States. When bigots and bullies interpret passive resistance as fear and cowardice, they feel emboldened. They unconscionably trample upon the vineyards of others as if they are fields of wild mushrooms unworthy of accountability to anyone.

Divine and Natural Law ordained that all humankind, in nature and substance, is the image and likeness of God. If we love God, we will incorporate the spirit of his commandments into the fabric and core of our beings. We will uphold the sacredness of human life and treat everyone as our brothers and sisters - since we derived from one stalk (Ex.20:1-17; Jn.15:12.17) whom we all call "Our Father".

Love of God and neighbour are necessary imperatives for peaceful coexistence, authentic harmony, sisterhood, bread, justice and equality for all. In other words, God made us conscientious stewards of his vineyard. On his return, he expects from us an honest account of our stewardship (Lk.24:45-51).

On the contrary, whenever we acquire an air of entitlement and superiority, bigotry and exploitation will be the result. Human rights and life will be meaningless. Commandments and Natural Law become insignificant. Those who seek to correct such abuses will be victims too. God made us stewards of love, not hate and abuse. A nation that does not respect life in the womb will also abort the lives of those they believe are inferior.

Lord, heal our nations, give us greater respect, and love for human life regardless of their ethnicity or nationality.

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