At Home in Our Own Skin as God’s Gift

FRIDAY: Ninth Week in Ordinary Time


At Home in Our Own Skin as God’s Gift

God made us in His image and likeness - each person depicts a particular feature and richness of the diversity of God. God loves variety. He holds nothing he made in abhorrence. If he did not will it, it would never persist. God is merciful to all of his creation (Wis.11:23-27). Each one of us must be at home in our skin and allow others to feel and do the same. Anyone who feels this way will harbour no ill will against his or her neighbour or resentment towards God.

Ethnic rivalry represents a deep-seated fear and low self-esteem. The victim of low self-esteem must display unnecessary aggression towards others, thinking they have qualities that they, on the other hand, are lacking. The concept of oppression, conquer and dominance is an exhibition of internal inadequacy. The feeling of superiority and inferiority, I believe, is an emotional deficiency, which robs people of their ability to think intelligently and to behave rationally towards their perceived enemy.

St. Paul, despite his bouts with the enemies of Christ, demonstrates for all of us the necessary attributes that will help us overcome all persecutions with their complexities against all wicked impostors and charlatans. Victory awaits those who allow the Word of God to transform and transubstantiate them into the likeness of God and permits them to play their unique role in renewing the face of the earth and the heavens. That, I think, is the gist of today's Responsorial Psalm. Yes! Only when we love the law of God will there be peace on earth among men of goodwill.

Lord, make a channel of your will.

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