Put in Our Last Penny

SATURDAY: Ninth Week in Ordinary Time


Put in Our Last Penny

Falsehood and wrongdoing, disobedience, deception and misrepresentation are popular and widespread, today. Efficient in oratory, clad in ornate robes of modern philosophies and isms they make falsehood attractive to the gullible. Paul forewarned us of this danger of our present historical, social, political, economic and religious era. We are now in the grip of their untruths. Individualism, humanism, hedonism and nihilism have us locked in their vice. We are living as if only for the flesh oblivious of an afterlife.

Undoing the injuries induced by these unorthodox teachings and practices and habits is the ultimate objective of the gospel and the mission of the Church. St. Paul, envisioning the difficulties involved in healing these wounds begs us to adopt the posture of Christ: practice gentleness and compassion, be firm and persistence under trials. Our endurance will keep us on the right course for saving the world.

Achieving that intended goal requires us to imitate the humble widow. We must invest our last and only two pennies into the economy of salvation. Meaning we must serve the Lord with our whole mind, heart body soul and spirit. Just as Christ spent his life for our salvation, so too must we in our evangelization outreach.

Lord, I am yet to understand the full value of my coinage. Nevertheless, I am putting everything that I am into your treasury.

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