Praise the Trinity



Praise the Trinity

The unity of the Godhead collaborating to save humankind from sin and death is worthy of honour and praise. The union, tenderness, love and compassion of our God speaks with expressed clarity in the celebration of the Blessed Trinity. God in Christ and the Holy Spirit willfully refrained from judging the world and established a bond of friendship with humankind.

Recognizing our good fortune as survivors of the self-made tragedy of sin, as Daniel saved from the lions' den (Dn.6:12) and King Darius amazed by the power of God, acclaimed him the one and only true God (Dan.6:26-27). So too as Christians, rescued from the condemnation of sin and evil every day give glory to the Trinity. By this simple confession of faith, like St. Paul, we acknowledge the ever-abiding presence of the grace our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, among us (2Cor.13:13).

This brief doxology to the Trinity is a summary of the Apostolic and Nicene Creeds - recognizing that through their collaborative efforts, all heavenly divine gifts and blessings flow into our lives. In other words, this hymn to the Blessed Trinity is a perpetual reminder of God's eternal tenderness, compassion, patience, and fidelity and his presence among us is indispensable for our salvation (Ex.34:4-6,8-9). The "Gloria Patri ..." sparks a warmth in my heart, each time I sing or recite it. The brilliance of Catholic Christian worship incorporates all three persons of the Trinity in all aspects of its liturgical life and actions. From Baptism through the final rites and burial - all things are done in the name of the Blessed Trinity.

If we live, we live in the Trinity. If we die, we die in the Trinity. When we rise on the last day, we shall rise and live forever with the Trinity.

Glory to the Trinity from whom all divine gifts and blessings flow.

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