Becoming Instruments of Divine Love

MONDAY: Tenth Week in Ordinary Time


Becoming Instruments of Divine Love

Do not discard history. It chronicles both the positive and deficient aspects of the historical, social, political, economic and religious human institutions, their thoughts and practices of human behaviour. Constant vigilance of history enables us from repeating the follies of the past. The same applies to the history of salvation. St. Paul referred to salvation history as a school where Christians find instruction, learn values, build endurance, discover skills of confidence and live in the hope of peaceful coexistence with one another in Christ Jesus (Rom.15:4-5).

Today's Liturgy of the Word, 1Kings 17:1-6 and Matthew 5:1-12 summarize Paul's interpretation and importance of history in the role of salvation. Elijah's narrative and the Beatitudes are chronicles of human struggles and for search freedom from political oppression. God entered into human history articulated the anguish of the people and provided them with means of a hopeful and peaceful future as children of God on earth and in heaven (Jn.10:10). In other words, worldly crisis challenges us to seek more faithful and just alternatives through faith where justice and peace find a home. Only in Christ can humankind appreciate full human dignity of equality through redemptive suffering.

The Liturgy of the Word, today, gives us a reason and purpose as a community of priests, prophets and servant-kings in collaboration with Christ to do the same for those who are victims of ethnic profiling and cleansing throughout the world. It teaches us how to become living expressions of the Beatitudes - to relentlessly hunger and thirst for righteousness and justice - with godly intent, humility and obedience consistent with the spirit of the Beatitudes - until we recognise the curriculum articulated in the Lord's Prayer makes provisions for the equal opportunity of all nations and languages as children of one Father, God. There will never be peace on earth. Only men and women of good will enjoy peace.

Let us learn from history. Then conscientiously we will make every effort to avoid the errors of the past if we internalise the two greatest commandments and the Beatitudes. As intellectual and spiritual conversion takes place in is our lives, the chances of repeating the irrationalities of history will lessen. Then we will appreciate the Holy Spirit God bestowed on us is to transform the human condition of the sufferers in the world and to give every person a chance to enjoy freedom to be free as God intended (Is.61:1-2; Lk.4:18).

Lord, make us instruments of your compassion, love and mercy.

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