Insipid Salt and Fading Lamps

TUESDAY: Tenth Week in Ordinary Time


Insipid Salt and Fading Lamps

Faith is a lifelong challenge of fidelity to God and his mission in the world under every given human condition and allow him to invest our resourcefulness as he pleases. There is a divine treasure in all of us. Only God knows its actual value. Once we place it in the hands of God, rest assured he would invest it in the best way possible.

The humility and obedience of Elijah and the Sidonian widow under the most strenuous political, social and economic hardships depict the level of trust a people of faith must develop. When God enlists us into his vineyard, he deposits all his trust in us, and he expects the same of us in return. Faith and hope are delicate if we rest all our confidence in the tangible aspects of life. Men and women, as servants of God and Christ Jesus, must be willing to spend themselves and resources to transcend any human condition, which supports corruption and hinders the path to faith.

Conscious of the ongoing deception and corruption existing in the world Jesus challenged his disciples and by extension, all Christians to spend their life as the salt of the earth and the light of the word that the quality of integrity he longs for will come true. In other words, God in Christ made us models of holiness and summoned us to be beacons of hope and symbols of anti-corruption.

Let us take a reality check. In many instances, we are behaving like insipid salt and fading lamps. Our lamps are growing dimmer by the minute. Darkness is enveloping the earth. We are increasingly becoming indifferent to corruption and sin. Sadly, they are becoming popular culture. However, are we willing to let the Lord revitalize us and replenish our lamps? Are we ready like Elijah and the widow to let go of all tangible resources, in humility and faith to become the salt of the earth and the light of the world once more? God and Christ Jesus are counting on us. We are the invaluable currency of the kingdom. God will not let us go to waste or extinguish our lamps without trying to refueling them. Let us give him the chance to do so.

Here I am, Lord, use me, transform into your instrument of light, and grace wherever you need me.

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