The Bread of the Earth and the Bread of Christ



The Bread of the Earth and the Bread of Christ

Jesus' statement: I am the Way, the Truth, the Light and Life (Jn.14:6) pretty much sums up he is the primary source of all humankind's basic needs and fullness of life (Jn.10:10). The environmental and material aspects considered as our essential requirements for life are aids to keep the body and soul united until we depart from the world. God, for all times, remains the principal ingredient of humankind's life since he created us by his word and breathed his breath into our nostrils.

God the Father, from the beginning, made the Son both word and sacrament (Jn.1:1-5; 6:51), to enable humankind to sustain and preserve the divine image and likeness of God all through their life span and beyond (Deut.8:3; Matt.4:4). As St. Paul puts it: "Is we live, we live for the Lord. If we die, we die for the Lord (Rom.14:8). In other words, God created humankind for himself and eternity. However, because their present fallen nature is unredeemable by itself - the children of God must live by the word and sacraments, which God offers all peoples as means of their redemption and salvation.

Deuteronomy 3:8, Matthew 4:4 and John 6:27, respectively all take cognizance that the temporal goods of the earth are gifts from God for physical our wellbeing of God's children on earth. However, for the health and immortality of the soul, only the Word and Sacraments are indispensable –especially the body and blood of Christ. Towards this end, the Church teaches, the following in John chapter 6, the Eucharist, the body and blood of Christ is the source and summit of all our Christian activities and salvation. In the Eucharist, we consume the body, soul and divinity of Christ and become his living tabernacles and monstrance in the world.

Lord, I long to be a living sign of your Eucharist to the world.

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