Reclaiming Christian Holiness to Save the World

THURSDAY: Tenth Week in Ordinary Time


Reclaiming Christian Holiness to Save the World

The holiness of the Church is an asset for the salvation of the world and the liberation of humankind from the historical, social, political, economic and irreligious situations undermining their personhood as children of God. God calls those who share in his anointing as priests, prophets and kings to imitate Elijah in his battle against apostasy and Christ Jesus in his passion and death to save the world.

Faith challenges us to keep faithful to God and to keep his word (Jn.14:23). Discipleship is an ongoing battle against apostasy and the kingdom of darkness. As soldiers of Christ, we have to preserve the integrity of God's children and deliver them from the hands of the enemy. In the face of danger, faith dares us to stand in solidarity with God and with others (Matt.11:36-40). That was the reason God sent Christ into the world (Jn.20:21-23) to save the lost sheep of Israel. When Peter confessed his love for Christ, he commissioned Peter to feed my lambs and sheep and predicted Peter would die a martyr (Jn.21:15-19).

If we witness for the Lord, we must be of one mind with him and willingly cultivate his virtues, values and courage as our own (Matt 5:20-26). We must rise to the perfection of God (Matt.5:48). We must be sufferers like Elijah and Christ Jesus. Otherwise, her mission and vision, as the Church in the world will be in peril. Prayer, in this regard, is indispensable. At present, there is a drought of faith, and our communion link with God is collapsing. How shall we move forward?

O God, kindle the fire of our love and strengthen us on the path of holiness and discipleship.

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