FRIDAY: Tenth Week in Ordinary Time



Severing all worthless appendixes and breaking down rusty hinges are painful. However, there comes a time when we must uproot ourselves from unsavoury relationships et al. The protection of our salvation and the fulfilment of the divine plan in our life should mean more to us than any worldly supplements. Human affection can sometimes debilitate our efforts and strive towards holiness and the fullness of salvation. We must know when to let go of the useless things and forge ahead if we must combine faith and good works to save others and ourselves.

Metaphorically speaking, Jesus in Matthew 5:26-32 invites us to take cognizance of all the unnecessary worldly attachments and worn links that will impede our spiritual growth and willingly detach ourselves from them for the glory of God in our life. Elijah found protection and security in the cave amidst his misfortune. However, the Lord did not permit him to settle there in complacency. With gentle persuasion, the Lord encouraged Elijah to leave his comfort zone, endure the wilderness of Damascus to continue his good works unhindered by fear.

The whole world is in chaos. As Christians, there is no need to cower. Like Elijah and Christ, we can make a difference. But, we must be willing to detach ourselves from all the useless encumbrances of the worldly, personal enrichment and faulty emotional attachments to fulfil our Christian mission as priests, prophets and kings with Christ.

O God, I place all my trust in you.

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