Pursuing Integrity

SATURDAY: Tenth Week in Ordinary Time


Pursuing Integrity

Integrity and truth are the fragrances of faith, discipleship with Christ and Christian perfection. The parable of the house built on rock (Matt.7:24-27) epitomizes the real nature and substance of a Christian. Nothing will dislodge that person's foundation or cause the individual to vacillate. The call and mission to serve as priests, prophets and kings with Christ begs us to anchor our whole person and foundation in Christ Jesus.

As St. Paul rightly stated, enveloped in the love of Christ nothing can threaten our security, rock our foundation or destabilize our hope and integrity (Rom.8:35-37). Convinced of the same, we will renounce all earthly interests and convincingly become conscientious servants of Christ, like Elijah and Elisha. They sacrificed everything to fulfil their prophetic calling and mission - that is to reconcile Israel of old to the Father in integrity and truth.

God is restless until our integrity shines like the sun (Is.62:1). Christ continued the call and mission of Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah and he reminded us in Matthew 5:33-37, integrity and truth build and sustain an authentic divine character of Christ Jesus in us in all of us - especially those who are willing to follow as servant and stewards of the kingdom of God (Rom.14:17). In other words, all God wants from us, is a definitive "Yes" or "No" when the situation demands it - that is the ongoing test of our Christian integrity and discipleship with Christ, for all times.

Lord, we live in a corrupt world. Embolden us with your Spirit that our integrity may never wane in the face of contradictions.

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