Rediscovering our Focus Admits Crisis



Rediscovering our Focus Admits Crisis

Christianity is in crisis. For its welfare. Trials have merits. They afford victims possibilities for soul-searching, radical conversion, innovation, and progression for the way forward. The inability to listen, obey, accept correction and appreciate the sacrifices others make for our wellbeing are often the causes for our fall from grace and our courtship with disaster.

Our liturgical celebrations are memorials, which remind us of the origin of our journey of grace with God. Each occasion challenges us to remain faithful to the Lord. Otherwise, we will self-destruct; we will lose our consecration along the way and the ability to share in the priesthood of Christ. God made us for himself. When we fell from grace, God in Christ reconciled us to himself and made us a kingdom of priests, a consecrated nation (Ex.19:2-6; Rom.5:6-11).

Understanding our fallen human nature, Christ never abandons us in times of our harassment, despair, and aloneness. He always stands in solidarity with us throughout the journey back to the Father's house. However, in our present crisis of faith, God is counting work with us. He extends an invitation for us to exercise our priesthood, show we are a consecrated people and reap a bountiful harvest for the kingdom.

Here I am, Lord, send me.

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