Surviving in the Wild

MONDAY: Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time

1Kgs. 21:1-6/Ps.5:2-3,5-7/Matt.5:38-42

Surviving in the Wild

Germination and growth consume a lot of energy pushing back earth, towering over reeds, reaching towards the sunlight, enduring the buffering winds, surviving storms to reach its maxim by bearing good fruits. The same applies to all of us. Like mustard seeds, our minuteness is not our enemy. Our potential, power, productivity and goodness are in our kernel. However, we must trust the goodwill of the farmer to bury us that we may later transform and transcend the landscape with our growth and productivity. Notwithstanding, our fruits will define our resilience and the quality of our kernel.

Misuse of power exploits humility; it is intolerant towards truth. Force, injustice and the administration of thugs are its armouries. The meek and humble are the sardines in their sandwiches. Even under such conditions, Christ's followers must embody the Beatitudes - "offer the wicked man no resistance (Matt.5:38-42)." Wisdom teaches us never correct mockers and wicked people. They will ridicule us and ruin our reputation, but their reward awaits them (Wis.9:7-9).

The interests of Ahab, the conspiracy of Jezebel and the untimely demise of Naboth is an allegory. This narrative shows how mockers and wicked people unconscionably exploit every opportunity to their advantage without any qualms of conscience. As followers of Christ and children of God, remember, we are out in the wild like sheep among wolves; we must be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves. We must always be on our guards for those who will try to silent or exterminate us for their interests (Matt.10:16-17). The wicked will do all things to expel us by force from our eternal inheritance. Let us not fall to their tactics.

O God, we are like sheep in the wild; grant us wisdom, knowledge, understanding and the fear of you that we may survive the desert and lay claim to the eternal inheritance the Father has in mind for us.

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