Divine Justice

TUESDAY: Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time


Divine Justice

The injustices men and women commit against others are piercing lances in the heart of our God who has no favourites. They victimize their victims, but simultaneously the perpetrators desecrate themselves and blemish the integrity of their children for generations in the making. Where there is injustice, there is hypocrisy and fraud also clothed in darkness. However, we must remember before committing such atrocities that darkness cannot conceal them from God nor light become darkness around us. Dark is like daylight to God (Ps.139:11-12). Sin makes us losers, never winners.

The actions of the wicked are conscienceless, but not the perpetrators. Conscience is an innate gift of God to enable men and women to make the right choices, to avoid evil and do not place themselves under the wrath of God. Recognizing that humankind in their fallen nature is prone to sin God gave us Holy Scripture and the prophets to teach us, expose our falsehood, correct us and bring us back from our wayward ways to enjoy the holiness of God (2Tim.3:16-17).

The greatest evil is forgivable if we acknowledge, repent, confess and turn away from our evil ways (Is.1:18-19). Never consider God as our enemy when he corrects us. He is the most trusted friend, redeemer and saviour. He is compassion and love, slow to anger and rich in mercy. He wounds us, but he will heal us (Job.5:18; Hos.6:1). However, remember, every healed wound leaves a scar to remind us of our past folly.

The atrocities of Ahab and Jezebel have implications for the systemic historical forms of prejudice and partisanship that are causing social, political, economic, racial, and even religious disparity among God's people, today. These institutions are still killing the Naboth(s) of our time and annexing their inheritance for their kitchen gardens. God is challenging his community of prophets, the Church, to awaken the conscience of the Ahab(s) and Jezebel(s) of today. That they may desist from such practices, repent and turn back to God and save future generations. For wherever true justice and equality are wanting, sufferers abound, and the spirit of Christianity is in agony.

Lord, I place my soul into your hands. Keep it always chase and pure.

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