Christian Spirituality

WEDNESDAY: Eleventh Week of Ordinary Time


Christian Spirituality

Jesus today invites his followers to imitate his selflessness, obedience and humility. Spirituality, for Christ, is purely an internal disposition. It configures us into the living presence of Christ for others. Whatever we do, acts of charity, liturgical actions, sacrifices must be free from all forms of duplicity and self-flattery. Our motive essentially is to imitate Christ by becoming living Beatitudes like Christ Jesus.

Like Elijah, God took Christ away from us in the flesh, but as he did with Elisha, Christ Jesus clothed us with his cloak and commissioned us to continue and complete his work on earth (Gal.3:27). As difficult as the challenges we must face daily, like Elisha it is with the cloak of Christ, we must part the turbulent waters and return to the community of prophets, in humility and obedience to fulfil our mission.

In the absence of a Christ like spirituality, Christianity becomes a pantomime searching for popular acclamation. No! Christian spirituality is the same as that of Christ. It reaches its apex by embodying the persona of Christ, his selflessness and redemptive suffering. In other words, it transforms us into models of Christ for others.

Lord, I place myself in your hand. Mould me; reconfigure me, as you will for the greater glory of your name.

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