One Body in Christ

THURSDAY: Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time


One Body in Christ

Jesus, in the Lord's prayer, invites his followers to pray like gods - those who listen and obey the Father, think like the Son and allow the Holy Spirit to guide them until mercy triumphs over judgment (Jas.2:12-13). Implicitly stated in the Lord's Prayer is "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you (Lev.19:18; Matt.7:12; Lk.6:31). In other words, "The Golden Rule of Life" is the source of justice, equality, equity, fraternity, peace and community among all God's children. Such are the virtues and values through which we grow in purity of heart. In the end, we shall see the face of God (Matt.5:8).

The overall objective of "The Our Father" is to imitate Christ Jesus, not only in confessing God is our Father. Christ wants us to ground with our brothers and sisters as he did until we can reflect the unity of the Trinity (Jn.17:21), working together to creating a new heaven and earth. Through the daily recitation of the Lord's Prayer, Christ intended transforming us into patterns of himself to bring the plan of salvation to fruition.

Therefore, whenever we pray the Lord's Prayer, we renew our baptismal commitment to collaborate with Christ to transform the historical, social, political, economic and religious conditions that militate against the notion of oneness, which the Our Father caters for among the children of God.

O God, make us one in mind and heart.

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