Renewing the Faith from Within



Renewing the Faith from Within

Never flinch in the face of evil. Do not compromise your Christian values to appease the wicked. Under persecution, be resilient and when subjected to suffering, be courageous. Remember, God never allows good gold to waste in the fire and a well-built character to disappear in the furnace of humiliation. Victory awaits those who put their faith and hope in God (Sir.2:5-6).

Jeremiah and Jesus Christ, like gold, endured the fire and the disparaging voices of their tormentors. The passion of Jeremiah nor the death of Christ broke their metability. Their faith and hope sustained them to the end. Jeremiah committed his cause to the hands of God; Jesus did the same on the cross. Their triumph over suffering and death must inspire us to do the same – never concede to the demands of oppressors.

Today, Jesus cautions us as the community of his disciples in the world. We must ready ourselves for our pending passion. Because the devil always tries to obstruct the servants of God from fulfilling their duties. The devil and his angels sought every occasion to sift the servants of God like wheat, but God would not let him (Lk.22:31). Instead, God raised Christ in glory (Eph.2:11) and did the same for the hundred and forty-four thousand who washed their robes white in the blood of the lamb (Rev.7:14-15). The world can wound our bodies, deprive us of our physical life but can never deprive us of our eternal glory unless we let them invade our souls.

In the post-COVID 19 eras, the Church in the world must prepare herself for an increased dose of suffering and persecution. She must gear herself for new ways of re-evangelizing her members. The task before her may seem daunting; it is hopeful if she is determined to make the will of God her food and let it sustain her to the end.

Lord, increase our faith, strengthen our will and prepare us for the battle ahead.

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