God Never Rejects Us

MONDAY: Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time


God Never Rejects Us

In our absurdity, when doom and gloom befall us, we turn to deception to protect ourselves from the judgment of others. Misguided as we are at such times, we try to conceal our defects by pretending everyone else is a culprit and we are products of an immaculate conception. Even God is blameworthy under such conditions - especially when we feel rejected and afraid.

God stands in solidarity with everyone, including the most critical sinner who is willing to acknowledge his wrongdoings and confess them (Is.1:18-19; Prov.28:13). The stories of David's confession (Ps.32:1-11; 51:1-19) and the conversion of the prodigal son prove that once we are willing on our own volition to return to the Lord humbly and contrite, he will wash and cleanse us and make us whole again (Is.1:18-19).

Humankind in their indiscretions court their destruction. In their unwillingness to cooperate with God's plan, they bring themselves to their respective Rivers of Babylon only to regret their disobedience where circumstances and condition force them to sing their ballad like children of Israel (Ps.137:1-9).

We face the same predicament today. Despair encircles the nations. We feel forsaken by God. Yet until now the world seem reluctant to return to God. Misguidedly, modern science thinks, technology will redeem humankind, solve all the problems of the world and restore peace and order through the implantation of microchips in the human body. What the world needs today is a new spiritual awakening and a firm commitment to serve the Lord in holiness and righteousness.

Lord, we need an intellectual and spiritual revolution simultaneously taking place in our lives that there may be peace on earth.

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