Respect for God’s Pearls

TUESDAY: Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time


Respect for God’s Pearls

Emboldened by their inventions, some men and women assume an air of supremacy and principal ownership of all that exists. They treat others like specimens, cast them before swine to trample upon them and let the dogs tear them apart without recognising the sacredness of their humanity. The systemic inequality, the social and economic disparities, the calm disdain towards the divine presence in all peoples are evident among us today.

The misguided concept of the "survival of the fittest" often overlook the power of divine intervention and the gradual gravitation towards self-destruction. God always listens to the cry of the poor and the oppressed (Job.34:28; Is.25:7). Sennacherib despite his many conquests of other nation he was powerless to conquer Judah when Hezekiah took refuge in the Lord God. In the words of the Psalmist, "God upholds the city forever (Ps.47:9). No one should ever discredit the prayers of sufferers.

Humankind, created in God's image and likeness, is his most sacred treasure (Zec.2:8). He will never cast us before a herd of swine or deliver us to disparaging dogs (Deut.31:6). Thus, he gave us a new commandment that we may love one another just as he loves the whole world and came to save it without condemning it (Jn.13:34; 3:17). Rising for the ash heap is never easy. However, the notion of the narrow gate and the struggles involve getting through it tells us, if we try, we will succeed. Let us go forth today imitating Hezekiah in his humility and at the same time follow, the instructions of Christ as laid out in today's gospel and we shall overcome all things.

Lord, help me be your servant at the narrow gate.

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