Born to Serve the Kingdom of God


Is.49:1-6/Ps.138:1-3.13-15/Acts 13:22-26/Lk.1:57-66,80

Born to Serve the Kingdom of God

Righteousness is absolute compliance in faith to the will of God as his servants on earth. God calls the righteous to cultivate his divine virtues and become practical signs of his spirituality in their human estate. They possess the mind of God; God appoints then as sentinels for those at the crossroads of salvation and reconciles them to the Father (Jer.6:16; 1:4-10).

God created humankind in his image and likeness and destined everyone for eternal life with him in heaven (Jn.3:17). Jeremiah, in the first reading, beautifully expresses the way God thinks. The prophet recognised, God predestined our role and mission in the world long before he formed us in the womb. In other words, Jeremiah, Zechariah, Elizabeth and John the Baptist were not coincidences in the history and economy of salvation - God chose them; they obediently accepted to facilitate the ongoing process of salvation.

The birth of every human being is more than just a human right. It is a divine privilege and gift to the world. Like Jeremiah, Zechariah, Elizabeth and John the Baptist - especially as Christians, every man, woman, boy or girl is an invaluable coinage invested in the economy of the kingdom, preparing the world for the Lord's second coming. God is the author of life and every profession, both civil and religious. Men and women are only facilitators and aids guiding those who stray back to the right path.

Therefore, the appointment of Jeremiah as a prophet of the Lord, and the nativity of John the Baptist, respectively must remind this world, in its present form, every human life is purposeful. Let us respect life and let others live it to the full. Let them become the instrument God ordained them to be before their conception.

Lord, grant eternal life to all those who never had a chance to exercise their role and mission in the world, the continuance of salvation history as Jeremiah or John the Baptist.

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