Building our House in Christ

THURSDAY: Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time


Building our House in Christ

An abundance of power does not make a man or woman, but it can dement the individual who lacks wisdom, virtues and values. It can transform that character into a reckless or vilest brute. A person's inner being and soul that is not coordinated with each other will misuse and abuse power much to his or her detriment and subjects - his or her government has no durability. That nation will self-destruct. The Country will be at the mercy of invaders; all its citizens will live like exiles amidst foreign countries.

It was not the youthfulness of Jehoiachin, which led him astray. No! He lacked the gifts of the Holy Spirit. In the absence of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord, people are prone to failure. Once people build their foundation on shifting sand, they are doomed to fail like those who preceded them. We are still imitating the follies of failed men and women. Today we are building our foundations on the philosophies and ideologies of godless men and women who led many others astray.

Jesus is the rock of our salvation. Just as Isaiah 9:7 prophesied Christ confirmed his kingdom shall never end (Lk.1:33). In the heart of the ongoing global crisis, Christ, in today’s gospel begs us to avoid the indiscretions of Jehoiachin. Build our future and the future of our respective nations in him. No matter how violent the waves of destruction are, nothing will overwhelm us or dislodge from this rock (Rom.8:35-37). In other words, if the Lord is for us who can be against us (Rom.8:31).

Lord, I build my house into your foundation. Send me each day, your Holy Spirit to enlighten and guide my steps, and I will live to do your will.

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