Bring us back from Exile, Lord

FRIDAY: Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time


Bring us back from Exile, Lord

Our human, historical, social, political and religious conditions always need conciliation and redemption. The fallen human nature obscures our vision; we do not at all times see the pits, which lie ahead of us, until we inattentively fall into them and injure or paralyze ourselves. Gross Negligence has its pros and cons. It exposes our stupidity and opens our eyes to our recklessness. It further challenges us to take cognizance of the principal and values, guarantee our safety and longevity under watchful conditions.

Misfortune sometimes makes us own up to our adversities and open us to the bright and prosperous realities, which await those who do not allow sin and evil to distract us from the vision and mission God has in mind for us. Each stanza in the "Ballard of the Exiles" (Ps.136/137), are rational expressions of a suffering people once distracted by sin. They defied God until the enemy invaded their country and carried them into exile. In other words, in our prodigal drunkenness and debauchery, we open doors in our lives, Satan comes into our beings; he creates havoc and leads us into exile from the grace to live like lepers outside the camp.

Providentially, our God is compassion and love, slow to anger and rich in mercy. Christ hears the cry of the poor whenever they call. He comes quickly to their aid. He silences their pride, ignores their ignorance, and reunites them to himself. The world and the Church are in crisis. We feel like exiles. COVID 19 makes us live, work and worship as if we are lepers –almost isolate in our domains. How long will it take us to come back to the Lord pleading for his mercy?

Seal our lips, O Lord, if we ever forget your sacrificial death on the cross for our salvation.

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