Trust in the Lord

SATURDAY: Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time


Trust in the Lord

Authentic Christians, if they shall be one body with Christ, must possess the same Holy Spirit with Christ. Their thoughts, words and deeds must be identical with Christ's. Out of necessity, they will imitate his suffering servanthood and adopt the Beatitudes as their spirituality. Only in this way, Christians can identify with Christ and participate fully in the priesthood, the prophetic mission and kingship of Christ as one body with him.

To behave like the Israel of old Christians would pitilessly court their demise, anger God and eventually exclude them from being heirs of God and coheirs with Christ. All those who are humble, obedient and does what is right, God acclaims as his beloved sons and daughters. With them, Christ will share his eternal inheritance.

The gospel provides an admirable example of Christian modesty. Jesus' encounter with the centurion in Capernaum wowed Jesus. Despite the centurion's lofty social status, he humbled himself, believing that in Christ Jesus, his faith would give life and health to his servant. Arrogance obstructs faith and excludes men and women who possess it from being heirs of God and coheirs with Christ. In humility, let us join the Psalmist in his prayer by saying, O God, "Do not forget your poor servants forever (Ps.73:19)." If we humble ourselves before the Lord, he will save us.

My Lord and my God, I place all my trust in you.

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