I Will Follow You



I Will Follow You

Configuring ourselves to Christ is an ongoing process. One which begins at baptism; it ends at death in our physical bodies. Then the Father raises us from the dead at the appointed time and gives us a glorified body like Christ.

Discipleship with Christ is the school of human regeneration into real duplicates of Christ - that is not an easy process. The human, historical, social, political, economic conditions - including one's lack of faith and morals can seriously impede that kind of rebirth. Discipleship with Christ Jesus calls for intimate and outer detachment of all things worldly with preference only for the divine treasures of the kingdom.

The word hate, synonymous with abomination, resentment, and disgust is a strong verb Jesus used to describe the type of radical spiritual choices one must take to become a strong and perfect Christian and soldier of Jesus Christ. Elijah's struggles against the Baals, his selflessness and frequent encounters with death, his dependency on the inadequate resources and accommodations of widows prefigured, not only the discipleship of Christ (Is.50:4-9) but ours as well ( Matt.10:32-42).

The global human condition in its present form is challenging. Temptations are rife. Embracing the full cost of discipleship is difficult but not impossible. The responsibility for making the right choices depends on our ability to listen and obey the voice of God. The decision to let God transfigure us into reflections of himself lies squarely upon our shoulders.

Lord, I choose to live and die in imitation of you. Help me keep my heart, soul and spirit fixed on you.

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